Friday, March 5, 2021

What is Diwali and how is it celebrated?

Once the Indian summer season and monsoon rains give way to cooler evenings, thoughts turn to the festival season, of which Diwali is the highlight. It’s the most important date in the Hindu calendar, and everyone is invited to join in the celebrations. Often referred to as the festival of lights, (or Deepavali in...

How to make mead – BBC Good Food

Mead equipment
Mead is made by fermenting honey with water, sometimes with fruits, spices, grains, hops etc. The words ‘mead’ and ‘honey-wine’ are often used interchangeably, but some cultures differentiate between the two. The defining characteristic of mead is that the main source of its fermentable sugar comes from honey. While mead is quite possibly the...

Emma Freud meets Jason Isaacs

plate of spaghetti bolognese
Jason Isaacs is one of the UK’s busiest movie stars. His films include Green Zone, Peter Pan and the Harry Potter series. He’s less well known for his cooking – but as our columnist found out, there’s an Italian chef inside him that longs to be acknowledged… by his children. Emma:...

7 ways to drink sustainably

world illustration and temperature
Rightly, food dominates the sustainable diet debate. While drinking alcohol might only account for two to five per cent of dietary greenhouse gas emissions , if sustainability is about making lifestyle changes big and small, what and how we drink offers plenty of instant, easy wins. GHGE – Greenhouse gas emissions are compound gases that trap...

How we eat now: Jo and Leisa Creed

Leisa and Jo Creed cooking outside
For many of us, our grandparents have influenced how we cook today. That’s certainly true of twins Jo and Leisa Creed, whose Jamaican grandmother, taught them the fundamentals of frugal cooking. Jo and Leisa Creed, 53, are Food Technology teachers who came to the UK from their hometown of St...

Top 10 easy Halloween baking ideas

Halloween cake with slice cut and slash marks
Need some inspiration for spectacular Halloween sweets that won’t take hours in the kitchen? Look no further than our easy Halloween baking recipes, bursting with creepy character and crowd-pleasing flavours. From peanut butter spider biscuits, to black velvet cupcakes and seasonal pumpkin spice scones. Fill your kitchen with these delectable desserts and enjoy...

Migraine vs. headache: a neurologist explains the difference

Woman with migraine
According to the World Health Organisation, 50-75 per cent of adults aged between 18-65 have experienced a headache, with 30 per cent or more having reported a migraine. But, when you’re experiencing pain and tension in your head, it can be tricky to figure out whether what you’re experiencing is a migraine or...

11 of the best cookbooks for students

Take One Tin - Lola Milne
Leaving home for university is daunting for many reasons, but having to learn to cook for yourself needn’t be one of them. These cookbooks make great companions at that time in our lives when we really start to get to grips with cooking. From making speedy, affordable suppers, to whipping up group meals for...

Our best Christmas cakes – BBC Good Food

Gold-sprayed cake with white chocolate dip and gingerbread star topping
Christmas is a truly magical time, made all the more special with a knockout cake. We’ve rounded up our most impressive Christmas cakes to date, so whether you’re a fruitcake traditionalist or a fan of sponge and buttercream, we’ll transport you to wintery wonderlands with beautiful designs and flavours. Browse our collection of  Christmas...

Best fitness trackers for kids 2020

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2
This review was updated in September 2020. Fitness trackers can help motivate your child to get more active, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. There’s a big variety of trackers – some are ideal for kids who just need to get more active, with others designed to help the sportiest children monitor...
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