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Black Friday kettle deals 2020 | Swan, Dualit

Tefal Loft kettle
All kettles boil water. But some offer features you might not expect, like the ability to control the temperature of the heated water – which is handy for brewing drinks such as coffee. Lid design is something to keep in mind. Some flip, others lift off entirely and on some more traditional models, handles...

Best housewarming gifts ideas for foodies

Le Creuset Stoneware Rainbow Mugs
Has one of your loved ones recently moved house? Brighten up their new space with these housewarming gift ideas. See a wide range of first-home gifts, from decor and kitchenware, to food and drinks. Stock up that new kitchen with our favourite products, suitable for a variety of skill sets. Expert home chefs will...

50 best eco-friendly and sustainable gifts

Recycled wine glass, best wine gifts
Planet, people and profit: three pillars on which the complex concept of sustainability is built. The small choices we make as consumers every day can make a big impact on the planet and our community. Whether that’s in our kitchens, where single-use plastics such as sandwich bags are notoriously prevalent, or in the gifts...

Best fitness trackers for kids 2020

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2
This review was updated in September 2020. Fitness trackers can help motivate your child to get more active, and they don’t have to cost a fortune. There’s a big variety of trackers – some are ideal for kids who just need to get more active, with others designed to help the sportiest children monitor...

Best food storage containers – BBC Good Food

Home Planet food storage containers, best tupperware and food storage
Ideal storage for food, leftovers and packed lunches, a multi-purpose container is an extremely useful and practical piece of kit. When buying a food storage container, look for a multi-purpose product that’s strong, light, leak-resistant, ideally air-tight, compact, easy to clean and easy to store. A variety of shapes and sizes will come in...

What is the healthiest bread?

Baby eating bread
What makes bread good for you? Bread is one of the oldest staples in the western diet. In its simplest form, it’s a flour and water dough, with or without salt, fermented with either a naturally occurring yeast and bacteria starter, or with baker’s yeast. Today much of the bread lining supermarket shelves is...

Sweet tooth? 10 ways to manage your sugar cravings

Woman balancing salad in one hand and donuts in the other
Why are sugar cravings so hard to fix? Wrapped up in emotion and that inimitable feel-good factor – cakes, biscuits and chocolate just seem to shout ‘eat me.’ If this sounds familiar then you’re not alone, food cravings and especially those for sugary carbs are common, especially among women. Fluctuations in hormones including oestrogen,...

23 best gifts for chocolate lovers 2020

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, best chocolate gifts
For those who are partial to its rich and comforting delights, chocolate is a gift sure to earn you points in the present-giving department.  And luckily there’s a variety to choose from. Chocolate in its various forms affords you endless possibilities when looking for gifts for chocolate lovers.  From those who like a high cocoa...

Migraine vs. headache: a neurologist explains the difference

Woman with migraine
According to the World Health Organisation, 50-75 per cent of adults aged between 18-65 have experienced a headache, with 30 per cent or more having reported a migraine. But, when you’re experiencing pain and tension in your head, it can be tricky to figure out whether what you’re experiencing is a migraine or...

Who are the Great British Bake Off 2020 contestants?

Ep1. Sura.
The contestants for the Great British Bake Off 2020 have been revealed, and we are getting to know the next batch of hopeful bakers. The show is set to air on 22 September, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see who will rise to the challenge and who will fall flat. Want...
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